Month: January 2018

Gush: Jenny Rae Rappaport and Annie Neugebaur

The Sweetness at the End by Jenny Rae Rappaporrt I have a minor obsession with stories about grief. This is a lovely example of that and I kind of adored this in particular. I loved the way it danced back and forth between the different sections and I just all around really, really enjoyed this.

Fiction: The Months Project (January)

Here’s the short story for the month!  It’s the start of a series of twelve flash pieces that will come once a month, so hopefully you dig it.  If you like this story and you want to support me, feel free to go pledge to Patreon.  If you just want read the story and tell me

And the new year comes rolling in

Every year I’m surprised I’m still alive. There’s this part of me that is sure, dead fucking sure, that I won’t be when the next year rolls around. I know that I don’t have it in me, that I’m not strong enough to keep going, keep pushing forward and living this life that I’m trying