Welcome home, February!

So, new month! Is it just me or is February proving to be uh…interesting. I managed to bur n my hand last weekend and , at the same time, have been bitten by the art bug. I’ve done a little watercolor, some marker doodles and some pencil stuff but noting really impressive. Art for me is a way to relax and detach from my writing brain, which I am ofen engaged with more than anything else.

I submitted something the other day, which I received a rejection for but oh boy, I have so much in the works. I’m still waiting to hear back on two stories, am working on something for submission on the 11th and another due on the 28th.

Basically,I am a busy little fox this month. Because between those two things, I want to write even more than that, if I can manage it. WE shall see though.

I’ve been considering making myself do something short each day, a drabble or even shorter than that, just to make myself write a little something each day but I’m worried about burnout. I suppose if I give myself a couple of days each week to slack off, it might not be as bad but I’m still vaguely concerned.

I may do it every other day, I feel like hat would be a good compromise to doing it all the time and never doing it, like i am prone to doing.

I also need to make sure I leave enough room for working on longer fiction, though I feel like doing the drabbles will let me build up stock for developing later.

Anyway, I’ll end this with a question: How do you deal with burnout? Do you just let yourself have a break or do you push through it?

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