Fiction: a whisper in the waves

This was written for a challenge a few friends and I had going. I really enjoyed it and thought I would put it here as an example of the sort of things I make on a regular basis.

Title: a whisper in the waves
Length: ~400 words
Notes: This is a story about the descrution of books, just so you know.

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Gush: Jenny Rae Rappaport and Annie Neugebaur

The Sweetness at the End by Jenny Rae Rappaporrt

I have a minor obsession with stories about grief. This is a lovely example of that and I kind of adored this in particular. I loved the way it danced back and forth between the different sections and I just all around really, really enjoyed this.

So Sings The Siren by Annie Neugebaur

This is story is pretty much why I love short fiction. It’s stunning and pretty and wonderful and chilling. It sinks into your bones and echoes in your mind. It’s creepy and gorgeous and one of those stories that may be short but is powerful in its brevity.

Gush: A. Merc Rustad and Nino Cipri

Every now and then I stumble across some really neat fiction.  In hopes of getting people to read it, I’m going to spew some excited and gleeful thoughts about what I find in hopes that anyone else who might be interested, finds and enjoys it too.

The House at the End of the Lane Is Dreaming  by A. Merc Rustad is one of those stories I wish I had written myself.  It is fascinating and wonderful and I love every bit of it.  It’s a great use of second person POV, though I do admit I love second person more than most.  This story is just really, really neat and ticks my brain in such a good way.  I can’t say too much but I can say you should definitely read the thing.

As well as that, I consumed Which Super Little Dead Girl™ Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!  by Nino Cipri which was a fucking delight.  You want to see things that are awesome at playing with structure?  Go look at this neat little story.  It’s exactly what it sounds like and what it sounds like is a wonderful thing.