Disclaimer:  Don’t come to me for medical or legal advice, this is strictly for fun/personal insight/things of that general nature. I’m not held responsible for anything that you do after this reading is given.

• You must be willing to give me a little information on your situation
• If a question makes me uncomfortable, I reserve the right to decline to answer.
• Refunds unavailable.

How it works:
• You email me with a question, some information on your situation and the method of divination you ‘re seeking, be it tarot or oracle reading. I’ll send you a total and my Paypal email, then you’ll pay me before I do the reading for you.
• I then provide a reading, with pictures, and email it to you.
• If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.
• At this time, I will also offer to pull any clarifying cards. These come at no extra cost but I will only pull two for any one reading.

Tarot and Oracle readings: $2 per question with the addition of prices below.
• 1-3 cards = $10
• 4-6 Cards = $20
• 7-9 Cards = $30
• 10-12 Cards = $40
• 13 Cards or more = $50