Sensitivity reading

While experiences are not universal, I do have some knowledge on certain topics that I would happily love to help you with.  I am a multipley marginalized person who wants to see good depictions of such things and will happily offer helpful comments and point out some things I think can be better in your word.

Prices: (per one area of experience)
• Up to 1000 words – $15
• 1000 to 3000 words – $35
• 3000 words or more – $50 with an additional $0.04 per word

What you’ll receive:
A letter with my initial impression, things I think you did well and things I feel could be harmful/inaccurate.  I will point out good as well as things I feel are problematic and do what I can to offer suggestions on what can be done about it..

Areas of experience:
• Blindness (glaucoma, optic nerve damage, retinal detachment, corneal damage)
• Mental illness (anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, schizoaffective disorder)
• Homebound learning
• Queerness
• Asexuality/Demisexuality
• Polyamory
• Kink/BDSM
• AFAB trans/non-binary issues